Art Journaling for TWOOBOO: Cover and Map


So I’ve decided to start chronicling my art journaling of a setting book for my current work-in-progress, THE WICKEDNESS OF OTHERS BECOMES OUR OWN, on my personal blog. It’s a long working title, I’m sure you noticed. I’ll be just calling my manuscript TWOOBOO from this point on. Plus, the acronym sounds kind of cute? Lol.

This is my very first time creating an art journal. Much less one that is going to serve as an artsy setting book for the Young Adult epic fantasy I’m currently writing. So bear with me as I blunder through the process!

Below is the cover for the art journal.


For the cover, I really wanted to allude to an important aspect of the story (hint: the volcano and the phoenix with a crown over its head), but also have something ominous, yet pretty.


Below is a map of the setting.


These are the Sunless Isles. They were once a whole and complete continent thousands of years ago, but a catastrophic eruption from the volcano at the center sundered the continent into fourteen islands.

My drawing skills are limited, but I did try to put a sea monster in the upper left corner. The sea surrounding the isles are absolutely infested with various sea monsters. I also tried to make a fancy compass. If you squint, the staff which points from west to east was inspired by Sailor Moon! As always, there’s a skull included with the picture because, seriously, why not.


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