“I’ve known Rachel Russell since 2012, which means I’ve known her throughout almost the entirety of my writing career. She’s fierce and witty, and she’s been there for me at every step I took in the publishing industry. She’s beta read and critiqued so many different categories and genres I wrote in, and that’s always blown me away. Her observant nature allows her to read so widely.

Rachel always asks the right questions when she’s reading my work. Those questions have allowed me to flesh out my characters and the plot. She’s a fast reader, so she’s prompt when exchanging emails. Her critique points out what she enjoyed in the story and what she feels could be improved. She’s spot on about the pacing, and she’s honest when she feels the book is starting at the wrong place, without imposing her opinion.

When critiquing my queries, she was always able to point out when paragraphs needed to be punchier and more concise, suggesting changes and letting me know when my characters were believable and relatable. Overall, having her editorial advice in my life has always left me feeling like I had someone who actually cared for my books and rooted for me, and ultimately I believe I couldn’t have improved my craft without her help. Her advice and support led me to find my dream literary agent, and I’m thankful that she took time to help me.”

— Rebecca Carvalho / @cavalcar


“Rachel has been an incredible help in strengthening my story! She not only brought my attention to grammatical and punctuation mishaps, but also offered insightful tips on how to strengthen my plot all around. Where my story once suffered from a saggy middle, it now oozes with tension thanks to her input! I couldn’t have asked for a better critique partner!”

Destiny Rae Smith / @DestinyRaeSmith

“Rachel has a keen eye for story essentials – her comments helped me enhance key elements and weed out what wasn’t needed. She effectively poked at all the weak spots and made suggestions on how to make the manuscript stronger while staying true to the story.”

L. Seabaugh / @Imaginarialist