Relic Thief – YA High Fantasy

rapiers crossed2

Sixteen-year-old tomb raider Juliette de Chesne is intent on liberating her home kingdom, but runs into the first of many obstacles when she falls in love with the brooding sorceress responsible for its fall.

Sixteen-year-old Juliette is a duelist-for-hire and a tomb raider. She uses her prowess with the rapier and sly mind to fund an underground resistance working to free her people from ill-tempered aeronauts. Juliette also searches for why her brother and every other magic-user died simultaneously.

Fayza is an exiled sorceress remorseful over an altruistic mistake that claimed the lives of thousands–including her little sister’s. She thinks she’s finally discovered why her cure to a sickness failed, but to redeem herself, she must first break the seal put on her powers as punishment.

When Juliette sneaks into Fayza’s citadel to steal a magical artifact, she’s forced into a deal with the sorceress. Though Fayza is as humorless and rigid as the shriveled up corpses Juliette steals from, she’s also irritatingly sexy. Especially when she offers to double Juliette’s pay. All Fayza wants is for Juliette to steal an item from the person who cast the seal on her, the most powerful sorcerer alive.

As Juliette attempts the most difficult heist of her life, she starts to fall for Fayza. But when she discovers Fayza is the one responsible for the ruin of her home and the reason her brother died, she must choose between two evils: forgive her brother’s murderer and save her people or take revenge and doom her kingdom.